GPI LED high bay fixtures provide up to a 60% energy savings over traditional high pressure sodium or metal halide lighting, and are a perfect solution for ceiling suspended lighting applications.  Their rugged durability yet elegant design provides a suitable choice for both industrial and commercial applications. 


GPIMS-HIBAY Series             

GPIMS-HIBAY series can be used in a wide range of indoor applications, including warehouses, factories, steel mills, gymnasiums, indoor stadiums, and many more.   These fixtures are available in 100W, 150W, and 200W, 300W, and 460W and feature Cree LEDs with high efficiency and long life.  A superior mechanical design insures better cooling, as well as improved light utilization and eveness, as compared to competitiors' products.  This product provides high light output (up to 20,850 lumens) in a light weight fixture at an excellent price point.  Hibay lights are UL approved and come with a 5 year warranty.  The 150W, 200W, and 460W fixtures are DLC Qualified at 5000K CCT with a 100-277 VAC input.  The 300W fixture is DLC qualified at 5000K with a 480 VAC input voltage.  Contact us for pricing information!





Part No. Total Consumption Total Lumens Net Weight  
GPIMS-HIBAY-100W 100W 8600 lumens 5.5 Kg  
GPIMS-HIBAY-150W 150W 12300 lumens 6.5 Kg  
GPIMS-HIBAY-200W 200W 20850 lumens 7.8 Kg  
 GPIMS-HIBAY-300W  300W  27000 lumens 10.6 Kg   
 GPIMS-HIBAY-460W 460W  40480 lumens     

 Optional Clear Canopy

Per your request, we can provide a clear acrylic cover as an alternative to the standard metal shade.  Use of the acrylic shade will affect the light distribution, and the resulting beam angle is 45°, as opposed to the standard 90° listed in the datasheet.  *Clear cover is not available for 460W high bay.


Artemis LED Bay Light                       

GPI's Artemis Bay Light is the perfect choice for the replacement of existing HID bay lights in a wide range of applications.  Available in wattages from 30W up to 300W, with a variety of mounting configurations, this bay light is the perfect choice for almost any application.  With 0.95 power factor, more than 90% power efficiency, efficacy of 85 lumens per watt, UL approval, 5 year warranty and NVLAP approved LM79 reports, this light is tough to beat!  DLC Qualified for S1S lens, Type I short distribution, @ 5000K.

 Artemis high bays can be mounted directly to the ceiling as shown below (GPIBY2G), or with a pendant, as shown above (GPIBY2GP).  Standard pendant length is 50cm.  This length can be modified to suit the application.




Part No. LED Quantity Total Consumption Total Lumens Net Weight
GPIBY2G014 14 pcs of LEDs 30W 2665 lm 6.5KG
GPIBY2G028 28 pcs of LEDs 60W 5330 lm 6.5KG
GPIBY2G042 42 pcs of LEDs 90W 7995 lm 7.2KG
GPIBY2G056 56 pcs of LEDs 120W 10660 lm 8.0KG
GPIBY2G070 70 pcs of LEDs 150W 13325 lm 8.7KG
GPIBY2G084 84 pcs of LEDs 180W 15990 lm 10.0KG
GPIBY2G098 98 pcs of LEDs 210W 18560 lm 11.5KG
GPIBY2G112 112 pcs of LEDs 240W 21320 lm 12.2KG
GPIBY2G126 126 pcs of LEDs 270W 23985 lm 13.5KG
GPIBY2G140 140 pcs of LEDs 300W 26650 lm 14.1KG

  Other Mounting Configurations available:


            Wall pack                        Recessed Install                        Tunnel Light               Flood Light               


 Pluto LED Bay Light 


GPI LED bay lights have a lifetime rating of over 50,000 hours and are virtually maintenance free.  A patented heat dissipation design achieves maximum efficiency.  They are resistant to shock and vibration, feature instant on/off operation, and require no warm up time for full illumination. 


Part Number LED Quantity Total Consumption Total Lumens Net Weight
GPIBY1B036 36 45 Watts 3630 lm 6 Kg
GPIBY1B048 48 60 Watts 4840 lm 6 Kg
GPIBY1B060 60 75 Watts 6060 lm 6 Kg
GPIBY1B112 112 140 Watts 11250 lm 15 Kg


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