High Power Acorn Bulbs

GPI acorn style bulbs come in a variety of shapes, wattages, and color temperatures to suit any application.  Styles are available with and without fans, depending on the customer's preference.  All feature high efficacy, which translates directly to energy cost savings!   For detailed product information, click on the links provided.

 GPI's NEW High Power Acorn Lamps feature efficacy of up to 104 lumens per watt in a durable IP54 housing!  They are availabe in warm, neutral of daylight color temperatures with a choice Edison or Mogul base.  The compact housing makes these lamps an ideal choice for retrofit application where space is limited.  If you prefer a quiet lamp, this one is for you- these lights operate without an internal fan!


GPI-FL27W  30W, 2940 lumens


GPI-FL36W 39W, 3990 lumens


GPI-FL45W 48W, 4940 lumens


GPI-FL54W  57.5W, 5565 lumens






GPIX80-S35 / GPIX80-S45

























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