GPI has been developing LED products from China for the past several years, specifically, for well known, large American companies. Our products have included a variety of indoor and outdoor lighting bulbs and fixtures with many UL and DLC approvals.

GPI offers a full ine of product from LED streetlights to the smallest bulbs and individual components.  Our service includes assembly of OEM products to customer specifications or private label of existing product.

We have worked closely with progressive companies in mainland China.  We have developed relationships with the best of them throughout the years and have made sure their quality and pricing is the best in the LED lighting industry.

GPI has in depth experience with LED lighting from the ground up, having developed the US market for a major Chinese driver manufacturer and having supplied a full line of drivers to Thomas Research Products/Hubbell Lighting; one of the largest lighting companies in the USA.

Our service range is also far reaching.  Although our offices and manufacturing are located in the USA and China, we have the ability to handle requirements worldwide.  Quality product and excellent service are guaranteed no matter where you are located.  Our logistics support allows us to ship to most any part of the world, as we have done for many of our customers to assist them with development in foreign markets.

Since there is enormous energy savings obtained with LED lighting products, we believe product development in this field will continue strong for many years.  GPI is ready to assist you in that development.

All shipping logistics, customs issues, importing, local transport are handled by GPI. All transactions in US Dollars with freight, duty insurance and clearance costs included in our pricing.

For a complete description of our lighting products, check our listing of CATEGORIES for all of the latest specifications for your LED lighting requirements. 




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